All Services available both online or in person

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Addiction Counselling
Individual Sessions addressing clients goals, enhancing and sustaining motivation for change. Also available online

Assessment and Treatment Plan
A thorough exploration of the clients needs, challenges  and resources. Developing with the client a plan that will support long term recovery. 

Case Management

  • assist the client in identifying needed services
  • provide advocacy and linkage between services
  • facilitate access to services
  • collaborate with all service providers to ensure clients needs are being met.

Family Support

  • Provide family with education around addiction
  • Family support groups
  • Assist family in developing healthy strategies to deal with addictive behaviour 
  • Assist family in accessing additional services 

Recovery Coaching 
Recovery support is a minimum 30 day program that encompasses all previous services.  This is a more intensive program that makes the counsellor more available to the client as needed. The counsellor will often have contact with the client on a daily basis and be available within an reasonable time of any crisis. 

Education and Online Support Groups
Inspire Recovery and You and Improved Counseling offer a variety of education and therapy groups for both persons in recovery and their families. For information on upcoming groups please contact us or follow up on Facebook and/or Instagram. 

Drug Testing, Education and Consultation

If you are concerned that someone you care about may be using harmful illicit drugs, Inspire Recovery offers:

- Testing for fifteen different drugs of abuse
- Consultation on how to best support someone abusing drugs
- Education on Addiction and the harmful effects of substance abuse

Quit Smoking
This program is personally tailored to meet your stop smoking needs. This is a 8 to 10 week online or in person program  that addresses stop smoking barriers, develops strategies to deal with stress and draws upon the strengths of the client by finding and sustaining motivating factors.

The program offers two phases:
1- Counselling and Planning 
2- Implementation and Support

This program is more than a stop smoking program.  It is designed to develop a healthy happy lifestyle. 

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